Metal Roofing

    Nowaday, metal roofing is more and more common with high durability and bring the beauty to your house. Grasping these trend, with yearning to bring to customer’s satisfaction, our company commits to supply high quality mental roofing with the most competitive price.

Roofing and metal coating

    Metal roofing used in housing construction is mainly made from steel or aluminum. Copper, zinc and  titanium are also used in typical architecture.
Tấm lợp kim loại dùng trong xây dựng nhà ở chủ yếu được làm bằng thép hoặc nhôm. Đồng, kẽm và titan cũng được sử dụng trong một số kiến trúc đặc trưng của ngôi nhà.
At first, metal roofing is produced in a long, thin, roll into big roll in steel factory. Then, they are covered antirusted metal and then using high speed paint and burn in high temperature condition. Steel rolls are transfered to metal roofing factory where they will be shaped by big compressors to create a typical shape like waveform.
   Aluminum is also conducted by the same process except for omitting metal coating cover process.
Thickness of metal roofinng used in housing construction is measured by 24-26 gauge ruler, the higher gauge number, the thicker metal roofing is.
   Waveform metal roofing or plate are special types that are made by compressing gavalnized steel (26 gauge) following by spraying acrylic layer and being burned at the factory.
Metal coating

     Roofing surface is covered by antirusted layer, that lies inside and separeates with color paint layer. There are two kinds of metal coating used widely:
- Galvanized coating: 100% galvanized coating with different thickness that depending on using requirement.
- Galvalume or Zincalume: An alloy of aluminum and zinc( (55 % aluminum and 45% zinc)
    This metal coating will prevent iron from oxidation when exposing to the air and moisture. Zinc is more active metal than iron, so it would be oxidated first and become a firm layer – zinc oxide before iron in steel becomes iron oxide (rust). When zinc combines with aluminum to be Galvalume, it is more protected in the most case.

Thickness of metal coating

   Thickness of metal coating is used differently depend on the actual application of metal roofing. In agriculture, G-40 or G-60 galvanized layer are effective choices meanwhile housing construction had beter use G-90 or more. The thicker galvanized layer is, the better antirust layer is.
  G-40; G-60; và G-90 mention to the ounce of zinc over 100 square feet. For example, G-90 will have 90 ounce zinc, it means that each 100 quare feet side will have 45 ounce zinc.
   Galvalume pointed is AZ-50 or AZ-55 that is equitvalent to G-90 galvanized product. However, the fact shows that Galvanized is 3 times more effective than preventing rust on the steel surface.

Salt in the enviroment

    Metal roofing is much more effective when being used on the roofing surface that exposes to salt especialy seaside area.
In contactless salt environment, galvanized and Galvalume will provide  longer protected layer.

Painting system

 The whole of metal roofing in housing construction has coating layer.Painting surface brings the beauty for your roof that againsts heat and saves energy.
   Painting process uses high tech technology and be painted when it is in the big roll form. However, it ensures flexible to make it into the certain shape like wave.
Painti quality is diverse that decides price of the products.


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