Steel Building

    VICCO construction joint stock company is one of the leading company in designing, manufacturing and supplying steel building in Viet Nam.
    With “package service” method from consulting, designing to manifacturing, erecting storehouse, steel building and other construction ( office, canteen and etc). VICCO has built a wide range of construction like factory, workshop, office etc which are from simple to complicated.
  VICCO’s name attached to many big projects on both scale and value. Thanks to the recognition of both quality and aesthetics, VICCO becomes one of the first company offered to bid for big construction and famous coorporation as well.
    To concentration on quality to meet customer’s demand, VICCO applied quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015standard. Therefore, we sastified the whole of investers from Japan, America, France, Korea, Singapore

- Steel building product:

   Steel building that is made from steel structure and be prefabricated in the factory. Steel building is made basing on drawing request. To manufacture a completed product, it takes 3 periods: Designing, processing components, erection at the worksite. All steel structures are produced together and bring to the worksite to erect in the shortest time.

 - The advantage of steel buiding

+ Because of low cost, save time, low maintaince cost and easy to extend, there is trend that in the future multiple firms will choose the steel building instead of current workshop.+ Steel building is an ideal plan to use in industrial construction, One of noticeable  advantage of steel building is low cost, easy to control quality, saving time and other prominent strong points.
+ Because of saving material in area, steel building is economical choice comparing to others, especially constructions which is under 60m wide andunder 30m high. Moreover, steel house building systems use only available connection and predefined material to design and produce, hence, it will be a good way to save designing, manufacturing and erecting time.
+ Other highlight feature of steel building is speed of erection. It takes only a couple of weeks to comple the construction and dismantle basing on customer’s change.
 - Application of Steel buidling:

    Nowaday, it is estimated that there is about 70% of industrial construction use steel house. Application of steel house is very various. That maybe hangar, commercial center, warehouse, farm and etc.


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